About Us


About mithila shopping :
The name mithila shopping is inspired from mithilanchal, mother place of raja janak. 
As you all know mithilanchal is famous for cheese, fish, betel leaf and yes Ofcourse our world famous Madhubani painting

We started mithila shopping with only vision in our mind- we believe that you will get great variety of mithila products including madhubani painting

We spend a lot of energies and time in handpicking every item just to make sure you always get a genuine product whenever You buy from our online stores 

Be it electronics product, gift items,  accessories and clothing our mithila shopping gives you right product and if you are passionate about shopping than this is the easiest way to shopAs you can shop just sitting at home

You can trust mithila shopping for genuine products and we would like to take honest advise from your side

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