Airwick Aerosol Citrus splash 245 ml
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Airwick Aerosol Citrus splash 245 ml

Price: Rs.140
Product Code: MSDAILY22
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  • Turn on Romance
  • Brand: Air Wick
  • Type: Air Freshener
  • Aerosol air freshener
  • Powered 100% naturally
  • New generation of cleaner & effective air freshener spray
  • Propelled only by fresh air
  • Delivers a cleaner fragrance experience in a dynamic soft mist spray
  • Proven to be as long lasting and effective at eliminating even strong odours
  • Perfect for home, offices, cars and other areas
  • Recommended for regular use
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Product Code: AW-COMBO14

    Air Wick brings you a brand new way to spark joy into your home. The Air Wick Lemon Garden Aerosol Air Freshener keeps the place that you call home smelling so fresh and exciting that everyone who has been in your house knows that rain or shine, they are in for a pleasant time while indoors. So be it that fancy dinner you are hosting at home or those unscheduled slumber parties your little ones can't get enough of - rest assured that there will be nothing humble about your abode from where they are looking. Its unique handheld design helps you reach over to those tricky sports and eradicate foul smell and unpleasant odour from the root source. Not only does the Air Wick Lemon Garden Aerosol Air Freshener eradicates the characteristic odour thats making life difficult for you, but it breathes a new life into your home, putting the personal touch right back into personal spaces. Infused with an aromatic blend of essential oils boasting of therapeutic and relaxing properties, this aerosol based freshener quickly spreads through the air and works its magic. Go ahead, breathe easy, thanks to the Air Wick Lemon Garden Aerosol Air Freshener.

    Airwick presents range of home air freshener

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