Himalayan Berry Juice (500ml)
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Himalayan Berry Juice (500ml)

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Himalayan Berry Juice According to the mythological studies, when Lakshman ji was lying unconscious, Hanuman ji was sent by Lord Ram, to get the sanjeevani herbs (butti). It is often said that it was Himalayan Berry only. Himalayan Berry is a fruit of Leh & is known for its Anti-oxidant, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Tumor, Anti-Disease properties. It is full of oxygen, vitamins and minerals, particularly Vitamin C. Himalayan Berry has 4 to 100 times more vitamin C as compared to all the fruits in the world which contain vitamin C. The content of vitamin C is 20 times more in Himalayan Berry as compared to amla. • Very effective for cold • Very useful in weight management, cancer, liver, blood cancer, cholesterol, sugar & all other diseases related to heart. • Improves mental, physical & sexual weakness. • Helps in maintaining youth and vitality.

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