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The Ozonizer is a device which produces ozone gas known as life Oxygen. Ozone is a triatomic oxygen o3 with an atomic
weight of 48. It is a colorless gas that has an odor most often described as the smell of fresh air. Ozonized water is used
to wash vegetables/ fruits and other washable food items. In addition to that the food products which are not
washable are disinfected by just passing ozone gas on them for a shorter period. Ozonized water can be used for bath,
washing face, hands & dishes.
For more than a century, ozone has been used in Europe for purifying drinking water and is currently used in the United
States for purifying bottled water. The city of Los Angles currently uses ozone to purify its water supply.
Benefits of Ozone Gas :
• It purifies air, water, food and kills the viruses that harm us.
• It does not leave any taste or odor in drinking water.
• It is 500 times powerful than chlorine and 3,000 times fast at killing bacteria and other microbes.
• It cleans and sterilizes baby products such as feeder, toys etc.
• It removes all kinds of bad smell from room, smoker's chamber, refrigerator, wardrobe etc. Instantly.
• It disinfects laundry in hospitals, food factories, homes etc.
• It kills bacteria on food or on contact surfaces and insects in stored grain.
• It is used to remove (oxidize) chemically attack impurities in water such as iron, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites and organic clumps.
• It is a natural purifier and destroys bacteria, viruses, cysts, yeasts, moulds and mildew and fungus.
• It is created in nature from oxygen in the air by ultraviolet rays of the sun. Ozone layer in the atmosphere protects the earth from deadly radiation.
• It is a powerful oxidizer and oxidizes hydrogen sulphides, iron, manganese and most chlorinated hydrocarbons and eliminates soaps and oils.
• It is not a carcinogen (like the chlorine and chloramines formed in your spa with chlorine use) and will not irritate, dry out or leave a chemical film
on your skin; or damage and discolor your hair.
• It extends the shelf life of food Products.
• Ozonized water is used to wash fresh fruits and vegetables to kill yeast, mold, bacteria and to remove pesticide residues from fruits and
• Washing face with ozonized water helps to make the face clean, soft, supple, beautiful and is helpful in treating skin diseases and
• Ozonized water kills the bacteria in the mouth and removes bad smell.

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