Patanjali Herbal Anti Bacterial Handwash 200ml
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Patanjali Herbal Anti Bacterial Handwash 200ml

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  • Brand : Patanjali
  • Composition : Natural
  • Application : Hands
  • Product Features : It is anti bacterial herbal hand wash
  • It gives 100 percent cleanliness and protection from germs
  • It cleanses your hands just perfect giving it a soft and supple feel after washing
  • 1. Keep yourself germ and bacteria free by using this Herbal Hand wash from the house of Patanjali. 2. This premium quality hand wash will keep your hands always free of germs. 3. Infused with premium ingredients, this hand wash will give you a clean hand by wiping extra dirt from your hand but again keeping it soft. 4. A perfect skin treatment that will cleanse and will purify your skin while being gentle and caring to the skin. 5. This hand wash will leave a fresh scent on your hands and will stay for a long time. 6. It is formulated using premium extracts of tulsi and neem. 7. This hand wash is perfect for daily use and will keep your hand fresh and fine owing to its premium quality ingredients. 8. With its ayurvedic medicinal values, this hand wash is best recommended for dry and rough skin conditions.

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