Protiwon (Choclate) (250gms)
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Protiwon (Choclate) (250gms)

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Enriched with Ashwagandha,Brahmi, Sitavar, Vidhari Kand, Almonds
Boon for children, Young & Old 
Works as a protective shield for your family
Tasty Soya Protein Herbal Powder available in  Chocolate, Vanilla & Mango Flavours 
It is the natural source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, carbohydrates,
etc. It fulfils  the nutritive requirement of your body thereby protecting  from various
PROTIWON AND HAS SOYA PROTIEN:                                .
Our body cells are built up of proteins. The main function of protein is to build cells of
the body and recover the damaged area. Protein is required for healthy & disease
free body. It is must for the development of the body. Protein helps building muscles
and increases hemoglobin. Daily in take of protein is a boon for the child as it helps
making their body strong, healthy & increases mental alertness. It also helps in
reducing the cholesterol level.  Due to lack of proteins a person's body gets tired &
weak. Body does not develop properly due to lack of vitamins. Mother is not able to
breast feed, gets excess weight and many diseases attack. Due to the lack of protein.

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