PTron 3500 mAh Battery Power Case for Apple iPhone 6 6s (Gold)
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PTron 3500 mAh Battery Power Case for Apple iPhone 6 6s (Gold)

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PTron 3500 mAh Battery Power Case for Apple iPhone 6 6s (Gold)

  • 1.Works as both external battery and a protection case.
  • 2.Provides convenient access to all the buttons and ports.
  • 3.High output up to 5V.
  • 4.Long life cycle and rapid charge.
  • 5.Built-in high capacity lithium battery.
  • 6.Portable, environmental friendly and energy saving.
  • 7.Recharging is done through micro USB and take less than four hours.
  • 8.Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter.
  • 9.Brand new high capacity 3500 mAh Power Bank External Battery.
  • 10.Fit for:iPhone 6.


  1. Capacity : 3500mAh
  2. charging time : ~4hours 
  3. Out put voltage : 5V
  4. compatibility : ip6
  5. Out put current : 1000mA 
  6. Battery : Li-polymer battery 
  7. Input voltage : 5V 
  8. Dimension : 149.6*71*15mm
  9. Input current : 1000mA 
  10. Weight : Approx.96g     

    How to use

To charge the phone with the battery case 

  • Attach the battery case to your phone,and then press the power button.the battery case will begin charging your phone.
  • Press the power button once to check the battery level.the lightning LED will show the battery level.

Assembly: First pull out the top cover.slide your phone lightly into the battery case,and make sure the phone is well
Connected to 8pin USB connector of battery case.

To charge the battery case
Connect the charging cable to the battery case’s USB input the power button once to check the battery level.the battery case is fully charged when all four LED indicator lights are illuminated and stop flashing.


  • When charging the battery case with phone attached,the phone battery will be charged,charing of the battery case will begin
  • When charging the battery case with phone attached,date transfer is supported.To charge and transfer data simultaneously simply charge the device via your computer’s USB port.

LED power Indicator 

Up to 4 LED light illuminate depending on the level of power remaining in the battery case


  • Read all instructions and warnings prior to using this product.improper use of this product may result in product damages,excess heat,toxic fumes,fire or explosion,for which damages you instead of the manufacturer are responsible.
  • All battery cases have gone through a thorough quality assurance inspection.if you find that your battery is excessively hot, is emitting odor,is deformed, abraded,cut,or is experiencing or demonstrating any abnormal phenomenon,immediately stop all battery use and contact manufacturer.
  • Do not expose this battery case to moisture or submerge it in liquid.keep battery dry all the time.
  • Do not attempt to charge battery case using any method, apparatus, or connection other then the device’s USB connector.
  • Do not attempt to replace any part of this battery.
  • Due to the high output power, when charging the battery case’s surface gradually become’s warm. This is normal
  • Due to the chassis ultra-thin, when using the battery case, please remove the battery phone’s protect case.

?Package Contents

  •  Rechargeable External Battery case x 1
  • User Manual x 1

Disclaimer:Disclaimer:Product color or Product texture shown in the Product Image may vary due to lighting and other factors.

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