Terabyte Laptop / Desktop Monitor Screen Cleaning Kit Cleaner
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Terabyte Laptop / Desktop Monitor Screen Cleaning Kit Cleaner

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Clean your laptop easily and safely with Laptop Monitor Screen Cleaning Kit. The kit includes a very effective and non-absorbent cleaning liquid which causes no kind of harm or any kind of scratches on your laptop’s screen. You simply need to spray a little amount of it on the screen and clean using a cleaning wipe to get a sparkling finish on the screen.



- Screen Cleaner For Desktop, Laptop, LCD Or Glass Surface.

- Effective Advance Non Abrasive Cleaning Liquid Does Not Scratch Or Harm Any Surface.

- The Micro Fiber Technology In Wipe And Brush Helps In Cleaning Your Sensitive Laptop Screen & Lcd

- No Batting Will Be Left While The Screen Is Polished And It Will Not Hurt Any Kind Of Surface,

- Specially Used In Polishing Liquid Crystal Screen.

- Use Cleaning Brush To Remove Away Dust From Keyboard Or Lcd / Tft / Laptop Screens.

- Spray Proper Amount of Cleaning Liquid On The Lcd/Tft/ Laptop Screens.
- Use Cleaning Wipe to Wipe out Overall Screen Surface.

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